1Will the spray booth fit in the available space in my factory or body shop?
We understand that every workspace is different, so thanks to our many years of experience and qualified engineering team, we are able to design the spray booth, optimally adapted to your available space.
2How are AKB spray booths energy friendly?
- By variable driving of electric motors:
As by our standard we use VFD's (variable frequent drivers) that ensures saving a minimum of 30% from the motors. The use of VFD's can save up a total of 50% of the operation costs of the spray booth.

- By heat recuperation of heat from the outlet airflow:
We can implement a heat recovery system with a aluminium cross heat exchanger and by-pass. This can extract more than 50% of the otherwise lost heat from the outlet airflow and can then be used to pre-heat the fresh intake airflow.

- By using energy friendly electrical components:
As by our standard, we use Siemens IE2 motors and Philips HF (High Frequent) components in our lamps.

- By a controlled panel with many program choices and controlled by a micro processor:
We use an innovated FOCUS 15" touch screen panel with thousands of program possibilities and parameters set-up. All command keys are translated into your native language.
3Does Autokabina follow directives and standards?
Yes, we follow the spray booth European directives EN13335. We can further modify the spray booth if there are other local requirements that need to be reached.
4Do you use high quality components?
Yes, we only use major brands and products of which we have many years of experience.
For example: Siemens, Belimo, Schneider, HV AC, Philips, Telemecanique, Omron, etc.
5Are there safety features to ensure a safe environment for the painters?
Yes, we follow the rules concerning the safety of the painters.
All spray booths are equipped with easy fire escape doors.
6How are the noise levels and lighting in the spray booth?
Noise: Thanks to many years of improvement, we design spray booths that are as quiet as possible. In fact, our spray booths are known to be very quiet.

Light: Our self-developed AKB HF lamps have a special reflector to reach 20% more light reflection in the spray booth.
7Is there automatic pressure control?
Yes, Thanks to a sensor and the VFD's (variable frequent drivers) we have a perfect controlled pressure control in the spray booth during all cycles. The cabin pressure is equal to the air velocity and equal to the right airflow.
8Does Autokabina offer after sales service and help?
Yes, our dealers and service team are ready to assist you with any problems that may occur when operating a spray booth.
Thanks to our free help desk we are able to solve many problems, free of charge.
9How will my spray booth look like visually?
We care about how our spray booths look like. We are proud of our products and what they can do, therefor we want to make sure that they look clean, modern and professional.