Professional Class Combi Booth (Painting – Drying)

This model is suitable for cars, motorcycles, furniture or any other small/medium sized objects.


HAWK is a professional spray booth for lower budgets with a semi-vertical airflow.

Assured European quality parts are being used to construct this spray booth.

We have additional available options to upgrade the spray booth according to your needs.
For example: Heat recovery, fast drying system, pneumatic car lifts, different gate options, advanced control panel, …

We have several standard models of our HAWK spray booth. We also produce custom designed spray booths, specifically to your requirements.

Technical Information

Technical info (PDF)

HAWK L (7 x 4 x 3m)

Heating options: Oil burner, (in)direct gas burner, electric heating, hot water heating, no heating.

Other spray booth dimensions are possible on request

Realised Projects